Dealing with the flu "from hell"

So this past week was pretty awful. Emerson had the flu "from hell" as well as she had 4 teeth coming on, needless to say it was a long week. Being a first time mom means you often learn these lessons the hard way. So I thought for all the first time moms or soon to be first time mamas out there this list would be someone what helpful! Because I know this list would have been helpful for me. 

  1.  A Humidifier | It is honestly one of the best purchases we've made thus far having a baby. It has really helped Emerson when she's had a rough cough. It makes the nights SO much easier. We purchased ours at Shoppers Drug Mart. It wasn't anything special and it works awesome! Here's one like ours. 

  2. Eucalyptus Oil | I did a bunch of research when Emerson had pneumonia. I strongly believe in the use of essentials along side Doctor's orders. Eucalyptus Oil can really help alleviate any congestion you may have. I use a few drops in the shower when I have a cold and it is soothing and really helpful. We add it to Emerson's humidifier's water and I also rub it on her feet. I've also heard peppermint oil works great for a fever. (Make sure you check with your doctor before you use essential oils on your little ones and do your research, no one knows your kids better than you.) I personally use DoTerra essential oils

  3. Elevating Crib Mattress | We also folded up a towel and put it under one side of her crib mattress so she slept on a small incline. It helped her to stop coughing at night. You can buy a wedge to fit under a crib mattress but I'll be honest I think a towel folded up works just as fine.

  4. Nasal Aspirator | This is also a must have when your little ones are congested. Although they may hate it (Emerson bawls her eyes out) it honestly works so well. We use the HydraSense Baby Care nasal aspirator and helps Emerson sleep tight without being all stuffed up. 

  5. Tylenol and/or Advil | Advil and/or Tylenol is essential when dealing with a cold of flu. Emerson had a very high fever the other night and the only thing that worked is Tylenol. It is what my Doctor recommended and that's the advice I go by. This may be gross for some people but this was very helpful for me to know, if your little one is puking their guts out (as Emerson was) you can purchase Tylenol suppositories. They worked very well on Emerson and to be honest I was so thankful and helped me to over look the momentary grossness to see it brought her fever down and that's what needed to happen. Also make sure your giving the recommended dosage the side of the bottle says to by weight. 

  6. Hylands Teething Gel | This is a Teething gel we've used since Emerson was 6 months old. It's completely homeopathic and we've found it's worked great. You can buy it at any drug store. Make sure you to follow the instructions on the box for application and treatment. 

  7. Gatorade Pops | Emerson didn't feel like eating anything for two days so a couple girlfriends of mine suggested I give her something to keep her electrolytes up. So we choose Gatorade and I made popsicles using a popsicle mold. It worked great and she LOVED them. 

Well mom's out there I really hope this is helpful for you. This is a compilation of advice from other mom's in my life who have been such a blessing and I hope this post is a blessing in your life.