Halloween Fun!

For as long as I can remember I have loved halloween. I've been a puppy, a gypsy (which I realize now was totally politically incorrect), pyjama girl, cowgirl, pirate, and even a dream date barbie. I love being able to dress up in fun costumes HOWEVER I do not like to be scared. I don't like scary movies, or that entire aspect of Halloween. So when I had my own kids I wanted halloween to be embraced as not a time for being scared but as an opportunity to have tons of FUN! While there is lots of images of fear all over the TV right now and around our neighbourhood, I created an environment at home that was playful and I feel help my kids embrace the holiday without being scared. I made this cute little mantel with sparkly spiders, a cute garland and this adorable print! Which is available to you today! I also made a print of a saying we've been using in our home to remind my 3 year old that there isn't a reason to be fearful because GOD is always watching over her! 

Download "Boo!" print [here] | Download "boogie man" print [here]
Both are 8.5 x 11 inch (standard printer paper, just add an additional piece of white paper when in a frame to give it a crisp white background)

Happy Halloween Friends! xo.