Since I've been young I've adored nail polish. Growing up in high school I would have different coloured nails at least twice a week. It's slightly therapeutic for me and I love getting new colours. Here are a few that I'm loving right now. 

I also found this awesome product by essie which turns any nail polish into a matte finish when used as a top coat. I'm buying this today! I'm also getting ready for a trip to Disneyworld in 3 weeks and debating do I go all disney on my nails...hhhhmmmm decisions, decisions. What do you think?

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away and I've put together a little gift guide for not only myself (*hint hint Laneo) but also for anyone out there looking for a few gifts for their Mom's, wive's, Grandma's, etc. Below I've also listed some awesome sites/stores that have great gift options. I've been told I'm a great gift giver so I figured I'd share the "knowledge", and I also love it! 

1. Triangl Bathing Suit | I've heard these suits are amazing! They are all made of a neoprene and come in many styles and colours. I'll be honest I probably wear too much black but I love it anyway! Shop here!
2. Coconut & Vanilla Candle | Indigo/Chapters carries some incredible candle and scents lines. However this Coconut & Vanilla candle has been in my office for the last month and it's smell like the yummiest bakery you've ever been to! There is a smaller and larger option than the one shown. Shop here!
3. BKR Water Bottle | These water bottles are not only adorable but they are a full 1 L glass bottle with a silicone cover and spill proof! This is just the style I like but there are so many fun options! Shop here!
4. Gold Cuff | This is another great piece from Indigo. It's an 18K gold plated cuff! It's the perfect summer accessory! Shop here!
5. Birkenstock Gold Sandal | Birkenstocks have made a huge come back in the last few years and I can honestly say they are the best sandals I've ever worn. I'd really love this gold style this summer! Shop here!
6. Nike Free's 4.0 |  I've worn out my previous pair of Nike Free's and I've been eyeing up these babies! Yes they might get dirty but they're SO pretty! Shop here

As I mentioned above I really love buying gifts for people so here a few shops that I frequent for not only Mother's Day but any celebration! 

And also don't forget to pre order your Mother's Day Cards! It's such a blessing to say Thank You to our mom's, they really do do so much!