Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away and I've put together a little gift guide for not only myself (*hint hint Laneo) but also for anyone out there looking for a few gifts for their Mom's, wive's, Grandma's, etc. Below I've also listed some awesome sites/stores that have great gift options. I've been told I'm a great gift giver so I figured I'd share the "knowledge", and I also love it! 

1. Triangl Bathing Suit | I've heard these suits are amazing! They are all made of a neoprene and come in many styles and colours. I'll be honest I probably wear too much black but I love it anyway! Shop here!
2. Coconut & Vanilla Candle | Indigo/Chapters carries some incredible candle and scents lines. However this Coconut & Vanilla candle has been in my office for the last month and it's smell like the yummiest bakery you've ever been to! There is a smaller and larger option than the one shown. Shop here!
3. BKR Water Bottle | These water bottles are not only adorable but they are a full 1 L glass bottle with a silicone cover and spill proof! This is just the style I like but there are so many fun options! Shop here!
4. Gold Cuff | This is another great piece from Indigo. It's an 18K gold plated cuff! It's the perfect summer accessory! Shop here!
5. Birkenstock Gold Sandal | Birkenstocks have made a huge come back in the last few years and I can honestly say they are the best sandals I've ever worn. I'd really love this gold style this summer! Shop here!
6. Nike Free's 4.0 |  I've worn out my previous pair of Nike Free's and I've been eyeing up these babies! Yes they might get dirty but they're SO pretty! Shop here

As I mentioned above I really love buying gifts for people so here a few shops that I frequent for not only Mother's Day but any celebration! 

And also don't forget to pre order your Mother's Day Cards! It's such a blessing to say Thank You to our mom's, they really do do so much!

Mother's Day Cards!

Well after spending midnight until 4 AM in our local hospital due to a nasty fever I honestly didn't think I'd be able to get this post out today. Thankfully naps are a wonderful thing and if I keep going today I hopefully won't fall asleep until I crawl into bed tonight. 

I created 4 custom Mother's Day cards for this year and included some incredible fun coloured and lined envelopes! 

These cards are pre order only. The last day to pre order is April 20, and i'll be shipping the orders out on May 1. You'll receive them in time for Mother's Day!  If you have any questions please let me know!