Evie's Birth Announcement Cards

I finally got around to getting a birth announcement card made for my sweet baby Evie Pearl. I designed this card and actually took the pictures too! Evie is the sweetest little girl, she has the biggest smile and the cutest little faces. 

I wanted her birth announcement card to be fun, playful and unique. I wanted to add some watercolour calligraphy and I love how her name turned out. I also created each of the graphics myself and really adore how it turned out!

I also really really enjoy addressing envelopes so I added some personally touch with calligraphy. 

I'm not a huge fan of the colour of this pen, it's supposed to be pink and it's not really, but the lettering is really pretty. If you've recently had a baby and would like to get a custom card designed, feel free to contact me. This would also be a great gift for a new mom! 

Park Fun!

As I mentioned in my previous post we frequent the park near our house quite often. The other day (before the monsoon hit) we packed up the stroller and went to the park to play and hit a few golf balls (it's more like fetch, Lane hits the golf balls and Emerson goes and gets them.) She's got the best eyes. 

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Emily's Wearing

Emerson's Wearing

  • Puffer Vest | Gap (no longer available)
  • Sweater | Gap (no longer available)
  • Pants | Old Navy (similar)
  • Shoes | Nike (similar)
  • Pacifier Clip | Berko Baby

Emily's Stroller