Create not Control | Pt. 2

When Emerson was around 4 months old my anxiety was in full force. I would barely leave the house, I checked on her breathing multiple times a night (and in between I would barely sleep), I would make her finish EVERY drip in her bottle to the point where she would spit up all the excess she didn't need. It was rough. Days were long and exhausting and I was barely sleeping, which means my reasoning was basically non-existent. There was a thick fog that always felt like it was resting on my peripheral. 

My home became my crutch. It was the only place I felt safe to the point where I made excuse after excuse to not leave the house. 

As I began to get help for my anxiety, which is a whole other post, I had to adjust my thought life and work through all of my fears and get out of my house. See eventually anxiety creeps into every aspect of your life, so while I felt comfortable at home during one season in my life, anxiety could have attacked my home and I wouldn't feel safe anymore. 

My home is now a place that I love to be. I enjoy the home I have gorwn with my husband and my children. The memories I have created are full of joy and not fear. 

Today I encourage you to not control your environment, enjoy the moments you have in the space you love to be in. And I will always encourage you when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, give your mind some rest. Focus your thoughts on something creative and you. 

Home Sweet Home seemed like the perfect phrase for today. I've got a video today via IGTV that shows your how I wrote this out with some different pens. As well in the image that I've posted, I've put tiny stars every where you should STOP and LIFT your pen. This includes brush pens or regular pens. 

Home Sweet Home.jpg

I would suggest: 

  • Print this image out and trace it until you feel comfortable
  • Then, use whatever pen you prefer (Check out my supplies blog post for pen info)

I'm going to create a print for my mantel with this phrase to remind me that I need to cherish the moments in my home. I'd love to see what you do with it. Remember to tag #emcuthbertlettering on your posts. 

As always if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below. 

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