All things New

Today is an exciting day for me! Launching this blog has been something I've been so excited about over the past few months. I'm thrilled to showcase some of the work I'm doing and have a platform to do fun side projects, DIY's, home decor, recipes I love and who knows maybe even some personal style. I feel honoured that you would take time to read and enjoy the little posts I have here for you.  With that said this past week I created some fun desktop and iPhone wall papers.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons because everything is new again and it's a season full of joy. Let me know what type of wall paper you'd like to see next in the comments below! 

Download the desktop wallpaper | Aqua {small} {large} Custard {small} {large}

Download the iPhone wallpaper | 6 {aqua} {custard} 5 {aqua} {custard}