Kat + Ryan

I wanted to show a project I did this past winter as it was one of the first times that I really worked with a style board. It made a such a difference to bring clarity to the style Kat and Ryan desired for their beautiful wedding! 

Kat and Ryan came over for  coffee and we discussed the different colours, atmosphere, and style they wanted their wedding to be. Kat and I then shared a Pinterest board and messaged each other back and forth to define the specifics of her desires. Sea foam green  and a rich coal colour were the colours that stuck out and we accented with creams and some black and whites. They wanted to balance elegance and a more casual celebratory atompshere, and I felt it was accomplished in the stationery I provided for their wedding. 

Here is the final style board: 

And here is the invitation and program I designed. 

Photo credits: elle and R photography

Kat and Ryan your wedding was dreamy! Was honoured to have a very small part of it. We love you guys!